I remember touring through the Georgia countryside on our weekly “Sunday Drive”, my brother and I in the backseat biding our time for the ice cream reward at the end, when my father turned off the road onto a red clay path. We were at the dump. As far as the eye could see, mountains of trash with none of the organization you might see at today’s recycling centers. A washer lying on it’s side, lid open welcoming the racoons. A stack of turquoise melamine dinner plates leaning Pisa-style near a pile of torn garbage bags. Bikes, broken ladders, tv ‘s, sofas, a lamp on a table. an armful of clothes still on the hanger as if just pulled from the closet and placed there for winter storage. The requisite tires, rags, and parts. Parts of all things, sizes and shapes. My brother’s mouth hung open, “Look at all that GOOD JUNK!”.

30 years later we still love the GOOD JUNK. We send each other websites, and when visiting each other’s cities, make it a point to tour all places salvage – scouting, admiring, sighing.

We are not alone. And because you, my lovely subscribers, deserve a special heads up, I will share one of my favorite destinations. Georgia’s very own Lakewood Flea Market. (Tip: the non-permanent vendors have the best stuff and swingin’ deals!)


You should also know that it looks like Crown Hill (Upper Ballard, here in Seattle) is having it’s area Garage Sale this Saturday 9-3. Last year we went to West Seattle’s and scorrrrred! I am sure there will be some good coverage after the sale from the Yard Sale Blood Bath gang.

And you should definitely bookmark this article from today’s NY Times detailing some sales that I would gladly plan a vacation around!

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