with Danäe Anderson

Q & A


What does your procces look like? Walk me through it. 


When entering the studio, space is taken to center and access the deep self through meditation, movement, music/sounds

Once accessed, a wet adhesive medium is squeegeed over the gessoed panel. Using hands, tools, fingers,  the wet adhesive is inscribed with texture, words, remembered  images and forms that arise from the subconscious. 

Once dry, through call and response, movement and free association of the inner self, more images, scribbles, textures and forms are layered on using mixed media : pencil, chalk, charcoal, oil pastel, graphite.

A layer of applied then rubbed out oil paint reveals the random relationships that have occurred between the under layer inscribed into the transparent medium and the overlay of mixed media. The random relationships that arise touch upon my dance training in the Merce Cunningham method, as well random occurrences in Raku ceramics, one of my original explorations into form. This layer invites an acceptance of what has occurred on the panel surface without judgement of the conscious mind.

An intimate conversation between the panel and the conscious/subconscious mind begins. The conversation encompasses a response to the random choreography of the canvas’ relational imagery using paint, color, form. This layer evolves over the time needed for attentive listening and response.


What inspires your work? Any particular artists or movements?


Over years I have collected random images/words especially from original cultures and their rituals and objects, archaeological objects and sites, architecture, biological and anatomical images, writings and travel.

Outsider, indigenous, performance and environmental artwork have influenced my artistic journey as well as western genres such as dada, surrealism and abstract expressionism.

Many artists interest me, but especially those showing the hand of the artist through qualities of play, immediacy, the absurd, chance effects, activism and vital process:

Joseph Beuys, Marcel Duchamps, Ana Mendiata, Eva Hesse, James Turrell, Pablo Picasso, Cy Twombly, Susan Rothenberg, Jean Miro, Paul Klee, Andy Goldsworthy, Henri Matisse, Alexander Calder, Jean Michel Basquiat, Ai Weiwei, Frida Kahlo, David Park….to name a few!

What are you enjoying about your current art practice?


I like that all the rivers of my life explorations and experience are in my present moment and feed of work…my dance and physicality, connection to nature, spiritual journey, deep self,  motherhood, activism, travels, ancestors and progeny.


How do you deal with struggles in your process?


Over the years I have overcome most struggle by simply going into the studio with no expectation. Once in that sacred space I am able to shift away from the tuggings of daily life to remember that “if you are not playing you are not alive” David Hockney.

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