New York City, NY

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Sarah Lubin is a contemporary oil painter based in New York. She paints quotidian scenes that are enigmatic but familiar, and seem to exist outside of time. With an art history degree from Columbia University, her studies of ancient art readily inform the creation of her compositions;
often making reference to the contained stillness of Roman sculpture, 16th-century Indian miniatures, aspects of early Renaissance paintings, and Pompeiian frescos. 


30 X 24″ oil on canvas

Lubin uses her skills of observation to examine how postures and interactions can tell stories.

“Color, pattern, and shape interactions often develop intuitively as the story of the scene unfolds through the painting process. The narrative is open to interpretation but I hope the painting can hold the viewer’s attention over time.”
– Sarah Lubin


8 X 10″ acrylic and gouache on panel


30 X 24″ oil on canvas


24 X 18″ oil on canvas

Sarah Lubin was born in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts. Lubin earned her BA From McGill University in 2001; Diploma in Foundation Studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, MA in Art History from Columbia University in 2005, and MFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art in Design in 2010. She recently exhibited at Nancy Margolis, and her work was featured in the 2018 New American Paintings Northeast Issue, and awards include 2018 Massachusetts Cultural Council Finalist Award, 2013 Shortlist, 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Thames and Hudson, London, UK, and the 2008 Festival of the Arts Grant, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.


8 X 10″ acrylic gouache on panel

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